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The Web Doc specializes in upgrading existing websites in need of aesthetic or technical revision.
Cure rates include repair for up to five full pages!

Symptom: Web Doc Cure: Rate:
1. Electronic Exhaustion
Content is invalid or out of date.
Content Renewal
Updates outdated text to the present.
2. Oral Overdose
Content is too wordy or has errors.
Copy Editing
Clarifies your important messages.
3. Functionality Fracture
Invalid codes or dead links lead to errors.
HTML Cleanup
Cleans up all technical errors.
4. Image Inflammation
Graphics are take too long to download.
Graphics Compression
Speeds up your site's download time.
5. Color Confusion
Colors are incorrect or need changing.
Color Correction
Targets the look & feel your site requires.
6. Monitor Myopia
Site doesn't fit properly within monitor.
Size Reconstruction
Formats your site to fit on all monitors.
7. Background Blemish
Backdrop graphics obstruct text legibility.
Background Simplification
Improves the readability of your website.
8. Navigation Neuralgia
Visitors have difficulty locating site info.
Navigation Repair
Directs your visitors to the best parts.
9. Scroll Syndrome
Too much info on a long, scrolling page.
Page Division + New Links
Creates clearer, easy-to-access pages.
10. Design Disease
Site lacks image or looks unprofessional.
Design Renovation
Complete new logo, graphics and style.

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